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"In These Masterclasses, I Will Be Sharing My Very Best Techniques To Eliminate Tinnitus, The Same Powerful Methods I Have Collected As A Professional For 14 Years To Eliminate Chronic Pain, Working With Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, High-Level Executives, At The Cutting Edge Of Personal Development And Optimizing Health To Facilitate Optimal Performance In Your Life Even If You Are Not A Athlete And Have Visited Every Pain Specialist In Your State"

Eliminate Your Tinnitus Even If You're Told To Get Used To It!

Tinnitus is different from any other pain. The sound makes you go nuts and it can last for weeks, months, or even years after the first time it started. It creates chronic pain, and doctors often describe chronic pain as any pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or more. If there isn't any physical damage to the ear, if the medication doesn't affect the Tinnitus you might become anxious or afraid that it will never go away or will come back much more intensive than before. At one point you will have done everything in your capacity to help yourself and then they tell you "Sorry, you just have to get used to it"

I want you to know, it's not your fault. It took me over a decade to find out how this process works. Your brain is trying to protect you and there is nothing wrong with you. Join today and I will share what your current or old therapist does not know what to address so the pain will go away. I will even give you a 30-day money-back guarantee even if you also have another diagnose that is on the list. 

Chronic pain can have tangible effects on your day-to-day life. First of all in your body, and this affects your mental state. Because the pain drains your energy levels, you react differently at home but also at the office. Your lack of focus can be noticed when you look at what you produce in business. The feeling of pain comes from a series of signals that shoot through your nervous system. 



Just like everyone else you feel pain from time to time. When you pull a muscle or cut your finger, pain is your body’s way of telling you something is going on. Once your injury heals, you stop hurting.

When you hurt yourself, the injury turns on pain sensors in that area. Your brain processes the signal and sends out the message to that area. 

In general, the signal stops when the cause of the pain is resolved. Your body repairs the wound on your finger or your torn muscle. But with Tinnitus and chronic pain, the nerve signals keep sending that message even after you’ve recovered. This is when the specialist will start to use difficult words to describe what you feel and gives you a diagnose. 


    • Herniated Disc
    • Bulging Disc
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Tinnitus (stress-related)
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Sciatica
    • Whiplash
    • Degenerative Disc Disease
    • Neuropathy
    • Tendonitis
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • TMJ
    • Spondylosis
    • Spondylitis
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Thoracal Outlet Syndrome

    "You Will Know How To Unlock The Secrets Of The Subconscious Mind And Eliminate The Tinnitus and the Pain Which Means You Will Create Powerfully, Lasting Changes From The Inside Out"

    Over the last 14 years, I have traveled the globe searching for a solution to end the chronic pain in my shoulder, knees, and back pains and ways to help my clients. I studied with some of the very best in the business of Physiotherapy, Sportsphysiotherapy, Chiropractors, Trainers, Biohackers, Biomechanics Specialists, Osteopaths, Shamans, Healers, and Coaches in personal development and found the solution in the subconscious brain. In that process, I found a solution for my wife's Tinnitus.


    In 2019 I was about to Burnout and had symptoms that were very concerning to me.  I could not see the depth and had a blurry vision. As I visited the doctor for my eye problems. They referred me to a neurologist and I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This diagnosis scared me until I realized I have been gathering all these tools to heal myself.  

    I applied everything that I gathered over the last decade, sold one of my businesses that were draining energy, and low and behold the symptoms were gone. I did not need medication to eliminate the symptoms. 

    My wife had Tinnitus too, and when she applied the techniques that I applied on myself and on my clients with chronic pains, like on the list above, here Tinnitus was gone and I got my wife back. 

    Since 2007 I have been sharing these tools with my 1 on 1 clients. I have been teaching what I know to hundreds of therapists from across the globe since 2015 in the Netherlands.

    When I started my company, my goal was to affect the lives of the people in the Netherlands with chronic pain, then when the MS got diagnosed I realized how limited my time on this planet is, and how small I was playing. I realized how many people need to hear this information, I told myself "IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME!" I need to be that change, that I want to see in the world and touch the hearts of thousands of people and their loved ones by eliminating Chronic Pain. 

    Now That I realize I can reach any human that understands the English language, I can't do it in Dutch anymore.

    I have to share what I know, especially in these times where anxiety, fear, and stress are affecting your immune system.

    I am so happy to be able to share my methods with you through 'The 6 Week Pain Elimination Course'.

    Now through six weeks of training through Facebook Live in a private group, I will be sharing the very best of what I know worked for myself and thousands of people just like you en me.  

    I’m going to keep it simple and clean and get straight to what works... In fact, this course could be seen as one of the 'greatest hits’ in my career.

    You Won't Make That Same Mistake Again Once You Understand How To Eliminate Your Tinnitus or Chronic Pain! 

    Don't get me wrong or get confused, the Tinnitus and Chronic Pain aren't the same. The underlying cause requires the same method I am sharing in the course.

    The reason why other treatments aren't solving chronic pain is that they are treating the symptoms and not the cause. I will share what is causing 95% of all Tinnitus (without structural ear damage), chronic pains like low back pains, Neuropathy, and many more symptoms that last for months or even sometimes decades, and how to solve them. 

    It's Not Your Fault You Were Focussing On The Symptoms.

    • When you go to a butcher you buy a nice steak.
    • When You go to a bakery you buy a pie.
    • When you visit a doctor you will get medicines.
    • When you visit a dietician you will receive a diet
    • When you go to a surgeon you will probably end up in surgery.

    They practice what they preach, they try to help you with what they know.

    At OPTT We Look At Your Problem From A wide Perspective, Which Means We Can Eliminate The Cause Of The Problem Instead Of Treating The Symptoms

    Join The 6 Week Pain Elimination Course NOW by clicking on the button and find out what is causing 95% of all chronic pain symptoms and how to eliminate the root cause of these symptoms so you can grab control over your life again for only 47 EUR or 55 USD  in as little as 6 weeks.

    You deserve a life without pain and the how is just one push of a button away. 

    When you want to be able to help yourself quickly, and efficiently now is your chance to learn how I do exactly that. 

    The next course starts on NOVEMBER 25th 2021. Don't miss out, the next course will be in March 2022.

    This course is suitable for anyone with Tinnitus (without structural ear damage), Chronic Pain, the duration of the symptoms do not matter. If you are not satisfied after 30 days I will give you a full refund. No Questions Asked.

    Let's eliminate your Tinnitus before 2022 which means you can enjoy the fireworks on New Year's Eve again.

    Wondering Why Your Tinnitus Fluctuates And Is Limiting You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

    Or maybe you are wondering why you keep doing the same thing over and over again and can't prevent yourself from experiencing that dreadful pain again. 

    There is a big chance you have been struggling with one or more of the following limiting beliefs like;

    • I have to get used to it.
    • I will have to take medication for the rest of my life.
    • I am not strong enough.
    • I am not good enough.
    • I am not fit enough.
    • I am too old or I am too young to heal.
    • I don't have enough time.
    • I don't have enough money.
    • No one understands how it is to live like this.
    • My therapist is such a nice guy, he understands me.
    • I have to keep going
    • I don't want to complain and be judged.
    • I can't go out, because it will create more pain.

      Are You Committed To Your Problem Or To The Solution?

      I want you to imagine having your own unique video on this page. You share your story of how you did one of the programs at OPTT, just like Wendy, in the video below.

      You share your story about how you, just gave the course a chance, even tho you thought it was too cheap to get any result. People just like you, that almost lost their hope, hear your words and see the before video where they can see the pain in your eyes, just like Emilia, and then they see the gratitude and sparks in your eyes. They hear your kid's story on how you have changed after this program, now that the pain is gone.

      Now, imagine the people you inspire to take this course and help them get out of pain just like you did. The comments on the video are loving and grateful for the fact you stepped up and inspired them.

      Think about what your life would be like when you have eliminated your Tinnitus or Chronic Pain and have your life back.

      • How will this boost your life?
      • How will your family look like?
      • How will it affect your creativity?
      • What will your business look like?
      • How will you feel about yourself?

      Obviously, being able to eliminate your pain is something that's important and valuable to you, to your loved ones, and your business.

      Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity To Eliminate Your Tinnitus 

      This is NOT a long drawn out textbook-based course, this is NOT a course when you will be asked to share anything you don’t want, this is NOT a course where you will simply treat the symptoms with sitting on a ball, this is NOT a course with physical exercises.

      If you have been on one of those courses already, you will know exactly what I mean.  

      This is a hands-on and explained format where you learn best by seeing, doing, experiencing, and then unpacking as we move through what really works drawing from many different fields of therapy but all with one thing in common. I have used them with my private clients and have seen them work on High-Level Athletes, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Employees, my cleaner and many more.

      There Is A Catch. Do You Want To Know What It Is? 

      NO, I'M ALL IN

      There Is A Level Of Permission That You Are Going To Have To Give Yourself To Eliminate The Tinnitus Or Chronic Pain 

      There is a piece inside of you in which you are going to have to let go of. A piece that is no longer serving you.

      So my question to you is

      • Will you access the light and darkness?
      • Will you access the rage, the passion, and happiness?
      • Will you create a life of abundance and expand your life?

      If you are willing to do that

      • you are willing to let go of the version you are today, which means you can create the version of yourself that is liberated from pain.
      • you are willing to rise, to show up at the calls, and learn the 5 steps to eliminate your pain, which means you will be able to apply these steps in all areas of life?
      • you will step up to the plate and apply what I will share with you, which means you will create the life that you desire. 
      • you will be on my wall, 6 weeks from now, and be one of my ambassadors with a testimonial, just like the ones on this page.

      I have guided hundreds of people, one on one, in groups, in teams and facilitated massive results. Now it is time to lead you and share what has worked for hundreds and hundreds of people just like you.

      Of course, you can always wait and join the next group, but to be honest, I just don’t know, how long I will be doing these Live calls and be able to personally answer your questions. I might be doing one in March of 2022 again. Please don't be that person that thinks "I am different, there is no way I can become free of pain" or be that person who said "If only I followed my gut back then, I would have eliminated my pain back in 2021 and saved thousands of dollars on therapy, surgery and what not”

      • After November 25th you will not be able to join this program. 
      • There are 50 Million people with Tinnitus in the US, when we hit 300 participants I will have to stop allowing people to join for technical reasons. 

      I Will Be Moving On, Just Like The Others That Already Joined!

      I'll be honest with you. I would love to lead you, but I can’t force you to join today. 

      Why are you still reading?

      • It’s your choice. 
      • Your investment. 
      • Your decision.

      It comes down to one simple decision. You can choose to do nothing and keep going to your therapist or get side effects from the meds or you can take a leap of faith and test it out. 

      I am deeply and completely committed to offering an elite course that will transform your life at the lowest price possible. And if for any reason you feel that this course did not live up to your expectations or you think that somehow this course did not meet your standards of excellence, we offer a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. This is how committed I am.

      So Like Master Yoda said to Luke Skywalker 



      This Is What You Will Learn

      When you have done this course 

      • You will be able to eliminate your Tinnitus or Chronic Pain
      • You will know what has caused your Tinnitus or Chronic Pain
      • You will know how to prevent Tinnitus or Chronic Pain from coming back
      • You will be able to save time and money on therapy
      • You will be able to focus on what you love in life
      • You feel clear and calm
      • You won't have to get used to the Tinnitus or Chronic Pain
      • You won't feel a victim in your own body 
      • You won't have to fight anymore

      I don't want you to reinvent the wheel, I want you to enjoy life with your loved ones.


      This Is What You Will Get When You Join Today 

      12 Hours of Comprehensive Training

      2 Hour Bonus Business Implementation

      Q&A sessions

      Private Community 

      (1860 Value)

      (310 Value)

      (€ 155 Value)


      Total Value: 2325 or $2697 USD

      When you sign up now, you are going to receive an email that allows you to join the Facebook group where you will be seeing me on Facebook Live and you will get access with a total value of 2325.    

      I don't want you to miss out on this

      I want you to enjoy life with your loved ones.

      I want your business to influence thousands of people which means you will have to sign up today so we can eliminate your Tinnitus or Chronic pain.

      So if you would have a successful outcome after this course, what would it be worth to you? How much would you pay to have that pain or Tinnitus eliminated?

      You can probably see why entrepreneurs buy an individual program from me and pay €4997 for a similar result, because it's not a cost, it's an investment.

      Not every person can afford a 1 on 1 program and that's why I am offering this to a larger group to keep this program available for anyone at the special offer of €47 or $55 USD.

      This way I can help more people and if you want the personalized shortcut and are willing to invest a minimum of €4997 click HERE  to schedule a personal strategy call with Alex. 


      This Is What Will Happen When You Join Us Today

      I will send you an email with an invitation to our Closed Facebook Group.

      You will join us on November 25th for the first 2-hour session.

      I will share my very best techniques to eliminate Tinnitus and Chronic Pain.

      I will answer your questions.

      I will make sure you can watch the Master Class again when you want to in case you missed it or want to watch it again.

        I Will Be Moving On, Just Like The Others That Already Joined!

        • It’s your choice. 
        • Your investment. 
        • Your decision.

        Why are you still reading?

        It comes down to one simple decision. Like Master Yoda said to Luke Skywalker "DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY"

        JOIN TODAY

        What We Will Cover Together

        WEEK 1

        Introduction to the elimination process

        ✅ What you don't know will hurt
        The Battle in The Brain
        History of Pain Elimination Processes
        Different Stages of Recovery
        Exploring Myths / Golden Standards

        Thursday November 25th

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        WEEK 2

        The Domino

        ✅ The obvious things to do
        ✅ The RESET
        ✅ The pit to success
        ✅ The peak of succes

        Thursday December 2nd

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        WEEK 3

        The Associations That You Forgot

        The CODE
        The RESET
        The Decode
        The 3 questions

        Thursday December 9th

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        WEEK 4

        What’s Love Got To Do With It

        The RESET
        The Key
        The Door

        Thursday December 16th 

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        WEEK 5

        Hidden Signs You Need to Recognize

        Non verbal signs
        The RESET
        Verbal signs
        Breaking the habbits

        Thursday December 23rd

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        WEEK 6

        Secrets Of Elimination That Professionals Would Rather You Didn't Know 

        Non verbal signs
        The RESET
        Verbal signs
        Breaking the habbits
        How to permanently Eliminate Chronic Pain
        My Formulas for Weight Loss, Smoking, Phobias, Anxiety & Insomnia

        Thursday December 30th

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        WEEK 7

        BONUS: How To Use These Techniques In Your Business

        Learn the methods I used to build my business and how I teach my clients and apprentices to do the same.

        How to apply
        How to Generate Leads and Enquiries
        Sales & Converting Leads
        Scaling Your Business by using these techniques

        Thursday December 23rd

        7pm - 9pm (London/UK Time)
        8pm – 10pm (Amsterdam/NL)
        2pm - 4pm (Eastern Time)
        1pm - 3pm (Central Time)
        11am - 1pm (Pacific Time)
        8pm - 10pm (Paris/Berlin/Central Europe Time)
        9pm - 11pm (Eastern Europe Time)

        "Learn My Highly Efficient 5 Step Method To Eliminate Your Tinnitus or Chronic Pain and Weaponise Yourself Again In As Little As 6 Weeks"

        "In These Masterclasses I Will Be Sharing My Very Best Techniques, The Same Powerful Methods I Have Collected As A Professional For 14 Years, Working With Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, High-Level Executives, At The Cutting Edge Of Personal Development And  Optimizing Health To Facilitate Optimal Performance In Your Life."


        Join The Transformational 6- Week Chronic Pain Elimination Course

        Love & Light

        Michel Alexander Parengkuan


        The MAP to Optimal Performance Training & Therapy Founder


        JOIN ME TODAY!

        Alex Parengkuan will be hosting the sessions on a Private Facebook Group of like-minded people, ask questions, so you can follow along and even join in on the training. You will have access to the training sessions even after the live sessions are complete.